March 26, 2011

-:- a little something unique -:-

I love
it just reminds me how creative people are,
and not only makes me want to be more creative --
but I want to follow through on all my crazy ideas!

here are a few things I'm loving- 

Priss Designs is a lovely little shop that sells custom art prints.
Everything is 100% customizable which makes it perfect for those with a specific color scheme in mind, and her designs are brilliant.
imagine this -- your home filled with
lovely custom designed prints for under $20 each....
pretty fabulous. 

here are a few for your viewing pleasure:

 Etsy is a great place to find handcrafted and fair priced jewelry.

Marolsha is great jewelry shop where you can find one of a kind vintage inspired accessories -- they are unique and I love it.
take a look:

I would love to hear of any fabulous etsy shops --
let me know if you have / or know of one!

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