April 12, 2011

Just in case you wanted to laugh

For all you mommy's or soon to be --
or just people with a good
sense of humor and an appreciation for good witty writing -- 
check out this blog

here is my very favorite post --
courtesy of themeanestmom.blogspot.com

Friday, April 1, 2011

This Pretty Much Sums Up My Life


March 26, 2011

-:- a little something unique -:-

I love etsy.com
it just reminds me how creative people are,
and not only makes me want to be more creative --
but I want to follow through on all my crazy ideas!

here are a few things I'm loving- 

Priss Designs is a lovely little shop that sells custom art prints.
Everything is 100% customizable which makes it perfect for those with a specific color scheme in mind, and her designs are brilliant.
imagine this -- your home filled with
lovely custom designed prints for under $20 each....
pretty fabulous. 

here are a few for your viewing pleasure:

 Etsy is a great place to find handcrafted and fair priced jewelry.

Marolsha is great jewelry shop where you can find one of a kind vintage inspired accessories -- they are unique and I love it.
take a look:

I would love to hear of any fabulous etsy shops --
let me know if you have / or know of one!

March 23, 2011

{hello summer projects}

I always get a little excited this time of year to plan what I'm going to do with all my "extra time" once school is out and the weather is nice --

Here is what I am putting on my projects list at the very top -

make a beautiful headboard -- which could lead to a full scale renovation of my Master Bedroom

..... just don't tell my husband that.

What is on your to-do list? I just might add it to mine too.

March 22, 2011

{llama mama}

Do you have something kinda crazy that brings you so much joy
you just love love it?

I do.


I admit... there is something about llamas that makes me soo happy.
Emperor's New Groove -- amazing.
Llamafest -- double amazing.
Driving to Park City to see the llamas -- love it.
the llama down the street is my best friend, and then winter comes and I have to say good-bye -- sadness.
I accept the abnormality of this type of happiness.

I need some llama in my life.

What's the crazy thing you love? 

March 21, 2011


I'm not getting married any time sooner or later --
seeing as I'm already hitched.
But I came across these beauties and sorta wished
I could have a design do-over.
To view more lovely designs like these... go here.

These are my absolute fave --

Images seen on utahbrideblog.com

October 5, 2010

Maegan's Belly Shoot.

Maegan was the cutest pregnant lady, and ready to pop any day.
I never could have born my belly so soon to the big day...
here are some of my favorites.

Now Baby Zachary is here, and the baby bump is gone.
Pictures of cute baby Z -- to come soon.


I have shunned (not purposefully) and now un-shunned (purposefully) this blog.

Lately I've been in LOVE LOVE LOVE with...

Here are a few of my very favorites!

All of these can be found here
go look for yourself--
for under $30 you can have an original hand printed work of art!

More creativity soon to come!