June 19, 2010

My Mommy Must Haves!

Since venturing into mommyhood I've realized there are a few things I just couldn't do without! 
I'd love to share mine, and I hope you'll share yours too.

1. Baby Brain App

For anyone who owns an iPhone or and iPod touch this is an essential.
$4.99 in the iTunes store and tracks every feeding, bottle or  breast including number of ounces, how long and which side. Every nap including how long your baby slept, how long they have been awake and how long their last nap was for. It will also keep track of every wet and messy diaper and give you totals for the day.
 Long story short...buy it.
When you have a newborn and can hardly count to 10 in the right
order due to pure exhaustion, this will save your life.

p.s. this app also works for multiples...
just multiply my recommendation by the number of babies you have.

2. B B Sleep Solutions

When I was pregnant I payed $10 for a swaddling blanket and a instructional DVD. Little did I know the hours of sleep that $10 worth of knowledge bought me. In all reality the blanket is very nice and I use it all the time...but you could make your own. I bought mine and don't regret it though. The DVD is a crash course using several books (some featured later) and an instructional on how to swaddle correctly. Using their method I had my baby sleeping through the night (defined as 5-6 hrs straight) before 2 months.
And now he'll do 8-10 hours at night (at 4 months). 
Your parents and grandparents might look at you like you are nuts for wrapping your baby up just like a burrito....mine did. B

Check them out here www.bbsleepsolutions.com

3. The Books

OHHH the books I read while pregnant, and since having a baby. The What to Expect when your body does this, or your baby does this... I read many. Here are the ones I'd recommend to any expecting or new mother without hesitation.

Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child written by Marc Weissbluth, M.D.
I literally reference this book everyday. It is an excellent source if your baby is having difficulty sleeping, or if you are just wondering how much sleep your baby needs?
I bought mine on amazon.com for under $10. Parts of this book are summarized in the BB sleep solutions DVD. They also recommend this book as a guide. 
Another reason I love this book is it gives you many point of views therefore not taking part in the Cry-it-out debate.

My pediatrician recommended this book at my 2 week appointment. After reading it I discovered it is parallel to the BB Sleep DVD.  This book is a guide on how to recreate the womb, and also scientifically proven to work. Plus it worked for me...

This is one that is great for expecting women. It gives you the lo-down on all the things about motherhood you may not have thought about, and it's a very easy read.

4. The Bjorn

I stopped into Kid-to-Kid (a used kids store) and picked one up for $25....  having said that, I would've paid full retail if I had to because this thing is PRICELESS. I have a kid who hates his car seat with a screaming passion...thus making it even more priceless.

5. The White Noise Machine

I got a white noise machine from a friend for my baby shower. WHAT A GIFT!! It stays in the nursery and I turn it on from when I am putting baby to sleep until after he wakes up. I can take this with me anywhere and it helps my baby to sleep through lots of noise. And it helps him to feel familiar with his sleep environment.
There is plenty of info on white noise in the BB sleep DVD,
and also in Happiest Baby on the Block book.
You can also buy white noise on iTunes for your iPod.

Well that's all for now!! Hope it wasn't too extensive for you.
Please share what your Mommy Must Haves are! 

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  1. Those are all things on my top list!! I read happiest baby...have you read happiest toddler yet? (I work with a 3 yr old and 4month old so that's why the toddler).